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Growing up in the Garden District of New Orleans, an early appreciation for architecture and interior design came naturally to Emily. Paired with 20 years in customer service, Emily capitalizes on these strengths in the real estate industry.

Emily is relentless in advocating for her clients, going above and beyond to make sure each person she works with is happy and comfortable throughout the process. Because a natural disaster forced her to leave her home behind, she realizes a place to live is both a necessity and a fundamental element of who we are. With this mindset, she works to understand the exact wants and needs of every client and is fierce in her efforts to make those aspirations reality.

Past clients appreciate Emily’s work ethic, determination, and negotiation skills. She puts buyers and sellers at ease with her timely communication and detail-oriented nature.

Having spent summers with her grandparents in Lyme, Essex, and on Fishers Island, Emily considered the Connecticut shoreline a second home long before she became a full-time resident. She is an adventurer at heart and recently joined friends on a 42-foot Pearson to sail from Florida to Niantic in 11 days. A great believer in the future of Connecticut, Emily is passionate about finding and supporting all local enterprise.


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