Christine Rodriguez
Christine Rodriguez
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License: 0823506

Christine understands how to use the tools that she was given in her personal business in order to find her clients the homes they want to buy and help clients to sell their house. Christine allows herself to connect with clients by making sure she is responsible when it comes to appointments. She is organized and is always completing all tasks that are set for a certain day. Making sure she is accountable for her actions no matter what!

Christine is trustworthy, accountable, and responsible; these are all traits she has picked up since launching her own business venture. She created a vending machine business which has helped her grow and learn how to build relationships with others by developing savvy business strategies which have transferred into her life as a realtor as well.

She had the opportunity to help her family buy two homes. Christine took care of their paperwork and seeing the happiness her family felt with the houses they purchased set a fire in herself in wanting to do the same for others. Working with her family through their home buying experience helped Christine to believe in herself. After receiving her license, Christine has created different goals which motivate her daily to be better and do better. Christine believes people should work hard, but never forget the importance of life, to make sure you’re still living life, and to never forget about your family, nor yourself.